Dedistributed LLC Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Dedistributed LLC ("Dedistributed") collects, verifies, and retains the email address that you provide when you register with Dedistributed to become a customer, or send an email to one of Dedistributed's monitored email accounts. We collect and retain the address according to the terms in the Terms of Service Agreement. The email addresses we collect from you is not shared beyond our affiliates and service providers, with whom we have established confidentiality agreements. Your email address is used to confirm you have a deliverable address and in situations where troubleshooting is needed and it is neccessary to establish a point of contact. It may also be used for marketing-related communication from Dedistributed if and as we introduce additional products and services.

Dedistributed records for debugging and product enhancement purposes the IP address of any API clients that you cause to connect to the systems operated by Dedistributed. Dedistributed does not share these IP addresses with other parties, and typically discards them in 10 days or less.

In order to bill you for your consumption of our services, we record and retain consumption statistics attributable to your customer account though your API access codes. We do not share these statistics with other parties other than in summary form and exclusively for the purpose of billing (e.g. AWS Marketplace Metering Records).

Unless temporarily retained for debugging purposes, we discard the IP addresses sent as the basis of each query with Dedistributed PTR (SAAS).

If you have additional questions about our privacy policies, email to