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Dedistributed PTR

At a Glance

Table 1: Hourly Volume Thresholds and Pricing Tiers*
Tier Lookups/hr Calls/hr Daily Equivalent Volume Cost per Unit
Tier 0 (Free)up to 400,000up to 40,000~10 Million$0.000
Tier 1up to 4,000,000up to 400,000~100 Million$0.048
Tier 2up to 40,000,000up to 4,000,000~1 Billion$0.375
Tier 3up to 400,000,000up to 40,000,000~10 Billion$3.00

* Important: Table 1 does not contain all factors that determine cost. See details below.

Pricing Overview

We measure and bill hourly. The amount you are billed depends upon how much you use. You are billed through an enrolled AWS account, with costs appearing as a line item on your AWS services bill.

To determine useage, we measure three consumption metrics. At the end of an hour, we map these metrics to one of four consumption Tiers ("Units" in the AWS Marketplace) and a Tier Quantity. You are billed the product of the per tier rate (the Cost per Unit shown in Table 1) and the Tier Quantity.

Usage Metrics

The three consumption metrics are:

The lookup count is the total number of IP addresses for which the corresponding PTR records were requested. The active session count is the number of distinct client sessions active at any point during the hour. Server-measured call count is determined by counting the number of operating system-level network buffer reads required to service lookup requests.

Lookup count and server-measured call count are summed across the set of active sessions attributable to your credentials during the hour.

Determing Tier and Tier Quantity from the Metrics

Each usage Tier has maximum threshold for the lookup count and for the server-measured call count. Table 1 shows the thresholds for each of the four consumption Tiers.

Your billing Tier is set to the lowest tier for which your measured lookup count and server-measured call count do not exceed the associated thresholds. If the applicable tier is Tier 0, 1, or 2, Tier Quantity is set to 1. When your measured consumption for one or both two metrics exceeds the maximum thresholds for Tier 3, you are billed multiples of Tier 3 Units. The Tier Quantity is set such that the product of the Tier Quantity and maximum threshold is equal to or higher than the applicable binding consumption metric.

The active client session count comes into play if the values of the other two consumption metrics do not exceed threshold levels for Tiers 0 and 1. If lookup queries are sent from more than 50 different clients sessions during the hour, you will be billed no less than the Tier 2 rate.

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